Blackjack is offered as a card game in the English Casino in the live casino as well as in the online casino and there are also opportunities for mobile gambling on blackjack. The gameplay is the same as playing blackjack in a physical casino and the game of course has the goal of winning your cards from the bank. You should not achieve more than 21 points, but always more than the bank holds.


In the online casino there is an automatic dealer and you can start the game after placing the bet. The great thing about online blackjack is that you also have the opportunity to play for free and practice practicing decisions on certain cards and discovering how that works out. In blackjack it is useful that you know the basic rules a bit. Of course, you always need to know the rules that apply to the value of the cards, but there are also many extra options, such as doubles and insurance that apply when playing blackjack.



If you are going to play live blackjack at the Loyal Casino, you can do so with a English dealer between 2 and 2 pm. Mobile gambling on blackjack is always possible, because if you have a smartphone and internet, you can go to the mobile casino to play the card game.

Game progress

The game flow is the same with blackjack in the online casino, live casino and mobile casino. In the live casino, however, it is the dealer who is in charge of the game and mobile and online you press the share button if you want to start the game. You will be dealt two cards that are closed. The dealer gets two cards, one of which is visible to the players. You can decide for yourself whether you still take a card, of course you estimate your chances of winning by also looking at the dealer’s cards.

With two identical cards that are dealt in the beginning, you can split the cards and in fact two games are played. For every game, you always win if you have more points than the bank and do not exceed 21 points. If you immediately get a ten and a bait shared in the beginning, then there is blackjack. If you want to know more about the game or the rules, you can go to the Loyal Casino. You can also play free gambling or bet cash immediately.


Variants of online blackjack in Loyal Casino

If you are a fan of blackjack, Loyal Casino offers every opportunity to gamble on multiple variants. There are already more than ten blackjack games available in different versions. This also has to do with the fact that there are several providers that provide this card game. An example of this is Blackjack Relax. This card game comes from Relax Gaming. Another option is to play Blackjack 21 + 3 from the provider Leander Games. The 21 +3 option is based on the first two cards of the player and the dealer’s open card. You also have the chance to win the side bet up to 100x. In addition, there is a choice between playing single-hand or multi-hand. It is just where you yourself prefer. There is also a Five Hand option. Or would you rather play the Classic version?

Variants of live blackjack in Loyal Casino

In the online casino there is already plenty of choice, but there is also in the live casino as well. So you have several gaming tables in the live casino where this card game can be found. When you are logged in, you have access to the gaming tables and the blackjack lobby. It is fine to first take a look at the various gaming tables and then make a choice. Among other things, the limits can be taken into account. The game tables always have a minimum bet per game and a maximum amount per bet. The experience is even more intense in the live casino section than when you bet online. You are bound by the instructions and pace of the live blackjack dealer. That is of course not the case with online gambling, because that is where you start by pressing the share button.

Blackjack promotions

Loyal Casino also regularly holds promotions around table games. This means that you benefit from great promotions when there are current blackjack promotions. A well-known promotion in that respect is the game week, in which special cards are part of the game. Monopoly Week is a well-known promotion of this online casino. This action does not take place in the online casino, but in the live casino at the blackjack table. The moment this action is running, you have the chance to get a Monopoly card. Which is worth a bonus. Which bonus is then, then you have to wait.

The live dealer will withdraw the bonus card if you have been dealt a Monopoly card. The value of the bonus is stated on the bonus card. Maybe that is an amount of 50 euros or maybe much higher. In any case, it adds some extra tension to the gaming table. It is always nice when you see yourself or another player getting a Monopoly card. For example, there are several actions around the card game available. It is really nice to participate. Or, otherwise, take a look first before you take a seat at the blackjack gaming table in the live casino.