Exciting roulette action at Loyal Casino

Loyal Casino gives roulette a new dimension. The casino does this by making a special promotion available. 200,000 euros roulette is the name of the promotion and that indeed shows that there are prizes to be won. The prize pool has recently increased to this large amount as Loyal Casino has added extra prizes to it. The roulette promotion offers everyone a chance to win. The promotion will last all year round and will not end until December 31 at midnight. Enough options to grab a prize when you start playing roulette.

Be quick

It is advisable to be there quickly. The promotion may last until the end of the year, but prices are running out. How’s that? A certain number of prizes have been made available for the roulette promotion. If a player wins a prize, it will be crossed off from the available prizes. There have been quite a few winners, so that there are still a few prizes to be won. Most importantly, however, the grand prize has not yet been won by a player. This means that a prize of 100,000 euros is still waiting for a lucky winner. The second prize of 25,000 euros will also be awarded again.

This is how the roulette promotion works

The aim of the roulette promotion is to win as many rounds as possible in succession as a participant. If you manage to get nine consecutive wins then you are the grand prize winner. That seems easy, but it really isn’t. Even if you don’t play on numbers, but only on red or black it is already difficult. If you succeed, you win the grand prize. In this way there are also lower prizes to be won. To win a lower prize, you need to win fewer consecutive rounds.

The prize of 25,000 euros will be awarded to the player who is now the first to win eight consecutive rounds. That is a bit easier if you win nine rounds. Then there is also a prize of 10,000 euros for the player who wins seven consecutive rounds. For six consecutive rounds of winnings at roulette, five more prizes are available. You then win a prize of 5,000 euros. Finally, there is still one prize of 1,000 euros left. That is for the player who is now the first to book five consecutive rounds.

Opt-in for roulette promotion

It is of course always advisable to participate in this roulette promotion. Otherwise, you simply pass up a chance for a big fat prize. You do not automatically participate in this promotion, but register via the opt-in. You do this by logging in first and then going to the promotion page. There you will find the button to let Loyal Casino know that you want to participate. As mentioned, be quick, because prices are flying out the door.

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