Deuces wild double up

The video poker game deuces wild double up at Loyal Casino is sleek and clear. Before you start playing, you will be given the opportunity to adjust the settings to your liking. This starts with the choice of the coin value with which the game is played and can be followed by selecting the number of hands and determining the desired level of betting. It is always possible to make changes to the settings after a game change and, for example, to play with more or fewer hands, to change the bet or to adjust the betting level.


Game progress

Deuces wild double up can be played with one hand, five hands, ten hands or up to twenty-five hands. The rules are similar to those of the regular poker game, but with one exception. There is namely a wild card in the game. That is formed by the deuce card. This card serves as the best card to use to form the best winning combination by hand. For example, a deuce card can offer a wild card to get a straight or a flush, but also to make a 3 or a child a 4 or a child.

It is played with 52 playing cards that are shaken for each hand. If you play with multiple hands, each hand is played with a separate set of cards. The payout table can be seen above the cards and there are several rows available. The highlighted row applies to the relevant bet. To share the first cards, the ‘share’ button can be clicked. If there are cards that seem to be part of a winning hand, they are automatically held. That is also visible to the player, because then there will be ‘hero’ on the card.

The player can also choose whether to hold cards by clicking on the hold button below the relevant card. Then the player can press the draw button to share the next cards. The selected hold cards will of course remain and be supplemented with new cards. After this round it becomes clear whether the hand has yielded a winning combination and any winnings can be taken to play the next game round of deuces wild double up.

Double up

Double up is a gambling feature, giving the player the chance to double the winnings or lose the winnings. You can choose which winning hand to use the betting function. In the gambling game you predict whether the next card will be red or black. With a good prediction the profit is twice as large and with loss the profit is lost. A good prediction can be betting once again and after each win it is possible to return to the game. In that case, cards can be dealt again and the game starts again.