Game rules poker

rules that are discussed here relate to Caribbean stud poker , as can be played at the Loyal Casino. You play it online only without other players sitting at the table. One of the extra features of this game is the ability to win a progressive jackpot.

Play Caribbean stud poker

In the Loyal Casino you choose the practice game or play for real money, where you can also win money. After opening the game you place the bet with a choice of chips of different values. You then press the ‘share’ button and then receive five open cards. The dealer receives five cards, one of which is open on the table. Based on this and your own cards you determine the next step by choosing fold or raise. With the choice for fold your cards are closed and the cards of the bank are turned over. With the choice of raise you increase your own bet and you continue to play against the bank and it becomes clear who has the best hand.


The dealer may only play if there is an ace king or more, after which there are three options. The dealer has a better hand and wins, the dealer has the same hand as the player, where the bet will remain or the hand of the player is better, so that the player wins. This goes, of course, if the option raise has been chosen.

Progressive jackpot

If you want to win the progressive jackpot at Caribbean stud poker, then you should not forget to click before the game on the chip with a value of 0.50 euro. That chip will then be placed in the slot for the betting pocket, so that it is clear that you are playing a part in winning the progressive jackpot.

Poker hand with combination of cards

There are of course several poker games in Loyal Casino. Each version has slightly different rules, but there are always cards with a certain value. As a starting poker player, it is important to know the value of the combination of cards. That is the basic principle. That the rules for poker vary by variant is only fun for the variety. Every poker game in Loyal Casino is equipped with game explanation, so that additional game elements can be found there. The poker combinations are important. In online poker you play against the dealer and not against other poker players. A high card is the lowest outcome of a poker combination.


In this case, however, there is no combination of cards. That is why you arrive at the highest card. The ace is the card with the highest value followed by lord, wife, farmer, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Then in rank order a combination of two equal cards. That is the One Pair and then the Two Pair comes with two different pairs. Three of a Kind consists of the combination of three equivalent cards. For example, three times a 7. A Straight concerns the combination of five consecutive cards with the characteristic that they are of a different kind. A Flush is a combination in poker of five cards of the same suit that do not lead to a Straight.

Full House is a combination according to the poker rules that consists of a Pair and a Three of a Kind. For example, three times an 8 and two times a gentleman. At Four of a Kind there is the combination of four equivalent cards. For example four times an ace with another card. The poker combination is getting better and with a Straight Flush you already have an excellent poker hand. That is if you have five consecutive cards of the same color. The ace may also be placed below 2 in order to score the poker hand. The very best poker hand is when you have a Royal Flush. In that case, you have five cards with ace, lord, wife, farmer and 10 of the same suit.

Variation in poker game rules

In Loyal Casino you will encounter several poker games, such as Joker Poker, jackpot poker and casino hold’em poker. These games are located in the online casino, but in the live casino there are also poker tables . Now there are similarities and differences between the poker games . For example, an agreement is the value of the poker hands. Differences apply per poker game. For example, when it comes to game play with the distribution of the number of cards to the player and dealer. Or how the winning poker hand comes about. Is more or less insight available? The more open cards there are, the more insight there is. Do jokers play a role? In that case you have the chance to win more. Or maybe there is a special jackpot prize for an extra high price.