Game rules roulette

The game rules for roulette are based on the betting options and the associated payouts when playing one of the variants in the Loyal Casino. You decide where your bets are placed and how many bets you place until the maximum table bet is reached. There is also a minimum table bet. After the betting, the ball in the roulette wheel will decrease from the highest speed to eventually end up on a numbered and colored box. That box determines according to the rules of roulette whether you have won money with your bet.

Betting at roulette

In the Loyal Casino classic roulette is offered in the online casino and the wheel has numbered slots from 0 to 36. For the roulette wheel there is an insert field and you can put chips on it as a player. You can bet on a number, for example on number 11, but also on a color, such as placing a bet on red or on multiple numbers at the same time. For example on a column. You can also take a column and place a bet in red or even place a bet on two columns.


The highest profit is of course obtained at the time you bet on one number and the ball falls on that square. You will then receive a payout with a ratio of 35 to 1 and if you had bet on red or black, then a payout in a ratio of 2 to 1 will follow and your stake will be doubled, as it were. Many strategies have been developed over the years that can be applied to roulette. Winning with roulette always remains a matter of luck.

Live roulette

When playing live roulette the same rules apply, but it is the croupier who decides when you can place a bet. Live roulette offers another dimension and is an excellent option if you want to experience a little more sensation because you experience a different ambiance. Live roulette is only accessible if you have an account , but online roulette is also free of charge without an account. In addition to the rules of roulette, you can find the rules of blackjack here.

Inside bets and outside bets

It is useful to know all the ins and outs of the roulette rules. That offers the most choice of betting options. For example, there is a difference between inside bets and outside bets. In the first case, there is talk of placing bets on numbers. For example, on 1 figure in the form of a Straight Up. Or on 2 digits in the form of Split. With a bet on 3 figures there is a Street and with 4 figures on a Corner. If you play on 6 digits in a combination, then there is a Line. With outside bets you also place other bets, for example on red or black. Or at even or odd or at high or low figures. A bet on a 12-digit series is possible in a column or a dozen.


Types of roulette and game rules

There are different types of roulette available in the online casino and in the live casino. That makes it possible to discover your own favorite. For example, there is a difference between American roulette and European roulette. In the first variant there is an extra box. In the European version there is one green box with the number 0. With the American version there is an extra green box with the number 00. That means that the chance of winning with this game for the players just a bit less is. The house advantage is greater because the ball has the chance to land an extra box. There is also French roulette with an extra rule, such as La Partage.

There are special rules for roulette if you play a variant with the addition of La Partage. In Loyal Casino, this variant is available in any case. Another possible extra rule with French roulette is En Prison. With a result of 0, it is possible that the player receives back half of the bet. The bet then comes to stand En Prison. Is the next around the ball again at 0? Then you have lost the entire bet as yet. The La Partage rule provides for the option that you lose half your bet, but it will not stand.

So you see that there are quite a few differences in the roulette games and certainly also in the application of the rules. In the live casino, the same kind of rules apply to roulette. There is still a difference, however, and that is that you do not determine the temp, but the croupier behind the console. In Loyal Casino there is really a lot of choice from various roulette games that are available in the online as live casino . If you start with this fun casino game as a beginner and do you lose the rules? Then it is always possible to get the game information again. That is of course always possible in the online casino. Or you will first free to play to get the rules.