Trustly payment service for online gambling

Trustly is a payment service that can be used for online gambling. This payment method is increasingly available in online casinos. That already indicates that its popularity and use is increasing. Are you also looking for a convenient way to deposit money in the online casino? Then Trustly might be something for you. That is also handy now that more and more online casinos are temporarily limiting trustly as a payment method. In any case, we have listed what this payment method exactly means and how you use it.

What is Trustly for payment method?

Trustly is a payment service that is linked to a large number of banks. It is an online payment service with a system to make a direct bank transfer. In that respect it is not comparable with a payment platform such as PayPal. Or with an electronic wallet like Neteller or Skrill. With a payment order via Trustly, the debit is deducted directly from your bank account. So in principle there is a direct deposit on the account in the casino and with direct debit. In that respect, it is an efficient deposit method that is comparable to internet banking.


European acceptance

Virtually all banks in Europe accept the Trustly payment system. That is also immediately an advantage where trustly is limited to Dutch banks. Internet banking is popular because of the speed and reliability of the system. The emerging payment system also meets these requirements. There is actually a need for a payment method that meets the needs of users. PayPal is an option for online gambling. However, it is a payment option that really can not be found in the majority of online casinos. A credit card is also handy, but you will only see the write-off of it a month later. That is not always desirable. High time for a modern and efficient payment system like Trustly to gamble online. Furthermore, not all players have a credit card, but usually do have a bank account.



Trustly security

Trustly is a secure payment method. You can just go there. An additional advantage is that there is an anonymous form of payment. That is perfect if you do not want to see everywhere that you have deposited money in an online casino. Paying with this option is also very simple and fast. The safety of depositing in loyal casino is guaranteed. There is always a secured connection in the online casino at the moment that a financial transaction takes place. Another advantage is that there are no costs involved. You do not have to pay a certain percentage of commission to Trustly if you use it. The providers also have the option of charging costs. That is again dependent on the online casino. The policy therein often differs in that area.



Deposit and pay money

Trustly can not only be used to deposit money to gamble online. It is also an trustly option for making a profit. To deposit you go to the cashier of the online casino and select this option. Then you choose the bank and a new window will appear to fill in the bank details. Then there is a verification step and then your money is on the balance. The payment also goes through the cash register. A window opens where you select the desired account. It is that simple.