Live baccarat

In the Loyal Casino you can play live baccarat. This is a card game that is not well known by everyone and therefore some more information about the game is provided here. You can gamble live at the Loyal Casino if you are a registered player and do not have to create another account. Incidentally, baccarat is also called punto banco in other casinos, where the scope of the game is the same.

The purpose of baccarat Baccarat seems so obvious when you follow a game once to play simply. It is, but then you have to be aware of the rules and the set game progress. Then it is indeed an easy game that you can always play again during your visit to the live casino. The win revolves around the number 9, where you can bet on the player or the bank and thereby predict who will win the game. The point is that the player and the bank get as close as possible with their cards to a number of 9.

In the early fifties, the card game was hugely popular in Cuba, where rich Americans were happy to play the game. The popularity then quickly spread to the United States and South America. You start playing by betting on the player or the bank or on a tie tie. Player and bank receive two cards and depending on that, the game is already played equal or a third card is awarded. To gain insight into that, it is best to go through the game information about baccarat.

In the Loyal Casino it is only possible to play live baccarat, because the game is not available in the online casino to date. That also means that it is not possible to play baccarat for free. To get a grip on the game, you can of course always watch the live casino and start gambling with low stakes. Live baccarat in Loyal Casino can be played in two versions, namely the standard version or at the VIP table.

The difference is that the betting limits vary, because a maximum of 1,000 euros can be wagered at the baccarat gaming table and at the VIP gaming table it is possible to play with a bet of 2,000 times. The popular and especially fast game is comparable to punto banco. It is also a simple game to play once you know what the intention is and of course know the value of the cards. If you have never played live baccarat before, you can always create an account and first see how it works at the gaming table in the live casino.


If you select live baccarat in the live casino of Loyal Casino, then you can as mentioned, make a choice from two gaming tables. When opening the game you get a direct view of the gaming table and the dealer who is on the other side of the table. It is indicated on the screen if you have to wait until the next round and when you can bet. Placing a bet is done with chips that you see at the bottom of the screen. You can choose from different bets, such as betting on the “player” box or betting on the “bank” box. English is spoken at the console. The goal is to bet money on that field that you think gets 9 points or comes as close to it as possible. The game follows certain rules. For example, the value of the cards will not exceed 9 points. An ace is worth 1 point and if, for example, you see a card with a 3 and a card with a 10, then the total value is 3. Ten do not count in this game. Depending on the dealt cards, the player or bank receives another card. You can also bet on a tie. How to play The game starts with placing a bet, after which the dealer will deal the cards. The dealer deals two cards in both the “player” field and the “banker” field. That happens alternately. It is then checked whether there is already a winner or whether there is a tie, for example.

Moreover, a tie is the least common and the payout for it is then OK the highest. The game runs quite quickly because you as a player do not have to make any decisions. The dealer does that on the basis of the prescribed rules. One of the nice aspects of live baccarat is that communication is possible. This way you can not only get in touch with the dealer via chat, but also send a message to other players at the table. You do not see the other players of live baccarat, but you can see that there are players at the table who also play the game.