Live blackjack

Live blackjack is available in several variations in Loyal Casino and can be played both mobile and via the desktop version. An important difference between the tables for blackjack is that there are a number of tables, where there are English-speaking dealers. These gaming tables are recognizable by the loyal color of the playing field in the live lobby, but also by the award of NL behind blackjack. There are two English gaming tables available to choose from and it is also possible to play exclusive BJ or for example to access the Silver table, VIP table or Platinum VIP console. Blackjack is a popular game and that means that there are plenty of tables to choose from due to the large crowds of players who want to play live blackjack.

Game sequence live blackjack

It is necessary to log in to the player account and have money on the balance to play live blackjack in Loyal Casino. The gameplay is the same at the various gaming tables, where the standard rules of blackjack are applied. For English players who are not VIP, it is of course obvious to start gambling at the English blackjack table.

When opening the game you can immediately see the playing field and the dealer behind it. If there is still room at the table, it is immediately possible to play along with the next round of play. If you have to wait for a table, that is shown in the upper right corner of the screen. Assuming there is space, you can make the choice from a number of chips at the bottom of the console. The lowest value of a chip at the table Blackjack NL is 1 euro.

The players are dealt two cards that are open on the table and the dealer also gets two cards, one of which is open and one is closed. The dealer starts with the first player to ask if he wants a card or not. Obviously, this question is not asked if there is blackjack directly on the table. After all players have been dealt with, the dealer opens the second card and, depending on the number of points, a card is taken. Then it can be seen which players have won and if there are players who have a better hand than the bank, the winnings are credited to the balance.


The fun of live blackjack in Loyal Casino is the interaction between dealer and players. The dealer talks to the players and the players have the opportunity to communicate via the chat. Through this interaction between dealer and players an extra dimension is added to the game. For English players it is of course an advantage that the English blackjack table in English English Casino is spoken. At the other gaming tables there is communication in English, but of course that does not have to be a hindrance, because most players do have the basics of the English language. Incidentally, the game always shows itself when you are used to playing blackjack.

Gambling in Salon Privé

Live blackjack is one of the casino games that is exclusively available alongside the regular live gaming tables. A special Salon Privé is available in Loyal Casino. Here you experience the experience of a casino like you do not experience anywhere else in the live casino. The experience is exclusive and that is the access also somewhat. This casino part is really meant for the players who have more to bet. So it is about high amounts. If that is not for you, because you have a limited budget, you obviously have nothing to look for.

Incidentally, in Salon Privé there is still a difference in the available gaming tables and limits. There are three gaming tables with minimum limits of 1,000 euros, 1,500 euros and 2,000 euros. In addition, maximum limits apply. For all gaming tables the same amount applies to the maximum limit and that is 10,000 euros per bet. The high stakes are already a special feature of playing live blackjack at Salon Privé in Loyal Casino. However, more exclusive features apply to gambling in a special environment.

Exclusive gambling environment

This special part of the live casino where live blackjack is available, forms an exclusive gambling environment. You imagine yourself in a stylish casino and benefit from a real VIP experience. An extra advantage is that you also come into contact with the dealer in a different way. The contact is more attuned to you as a player. Nowhere else will you find a better gaming experience and that is also the case on your mobile. Then there is another very special feature. For example, a gaming table has seven seats. As a player in Salon Privé you have the opportunity to occupy all these seven places on your own. That is, of course, unique, and in addition, you benefit from your privacy at the table. The team that works here is very dedicated and likes to take a step further for the VIP players. Live blackjack in Loyal Casino you should actually experience once.

Promotions at live blackjack

The great thing about live gambling is that promotions are also available here. Live blackjack is pre-eminently a card game that is suitable for connecting actions. This is possible, for example, during the famous Monopoly Week. That is an action that has been in the picture for years and occasionally passes by again. Players like it a lot, because it offers an extra chance to win even more money. In this specific action there is the addition of extra cards that are of course related to the Monopoly game. They will give you a bonus if you happen to have them shared on the table. There are, for example, a number of actions that connect Loyal Casino to playing live blackjack. It is useful to be registered at this online casino to stay informed of the offers. That is useful anyway if you want to play live blackjack for money. Then you just need a registration.