Live casino hold’em

Live casino hold’em can be played in the Loyal Casino via the desktop as well as via the mobile casino. This card game is one of the exciting poker variants and is derived from the well-known poker game five card poker. Of course, the live casino pinned against the dealer and there is no question of a fight against other players. The purpose of the game is very simple, because it is the intention to get a better combination of playing cards than the dealer. The person with the best hand wins the game. Anyone with an account can have free access to the live casino to get acquainted with live casino hold’em. If there is money on the account, when the game table is opened, money can be played immediately.

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Play table

When you have arrived in the live casino of Loyal Casino, you can choose the console where this poker game is played. Unlike live roulette and live blackjack , for example, only one version of this poker game is available in the live casino. However, there are enough tables in the casino to play. You can see that when you open the game and you have a direct view of the console with dealer, but also have a view of two other poker tables.

The chips vary in value from 1 to 500 euros. The dealer has the opportunity to talk to the players and if you want to say something back or have a question, you can ask them via the chat function. The chat also offers the possibility to communicate with other players at the same time. It is clearly indicated whether you can place a bet or wait for the next game round.

Game progress

You place a chip on the opponent and get two cards, just like the dealer. The two cards of the player are open and those of the dealer are closed. After that, three open cards are placed in the middle of the table and you have the choice as a player to bet via the call field or to fit. Then two more cards are placed in the middle of the table to see who has the best hand with cards. Incidentally, there is an extra game element available and on the bonus field ‘aces or better’ can be used.

The bet varies from 1 euro ante to 5,000 ante and has a different limit for the bonus bet. For the bonus, a choice can be made between betting 1 euro to a maximum of 2,500 euro. Even if you are not very experienced with playing poker, this variant is suitable for playing. It is only equally important to know what the card combinations are and which cards in which combination offer the highest hand. If you want to experience what it is like to play poker against a dealer in the form of live casino hold’em, it is possible to register in Loyal Casino.