Live common draw blackjack

Live common draw blackjack in Loyal Casino is a blackjack version, where the rules are the same as the standard game, but with a difference in the area of card sharing. In this variant, only two cards are dealt by the dealer to the players at the table. That means that if there are several players at the blackjack table , everyone with the same two cards plays against the dealer. It is thus not the case that every player at the table gets dealt cards separately that can have a different value than that of the other players. Of course, players may decide for themselves whether a card is taken or whether it is appropriate.

Play table

When visiting the live casino, the option is offered to play live common draw blackjack and you can see the gaming table and the dealer behind it. The live connection to the gaming table is excellent and you notice that the quality of the image and the sound. One of the aspects that makes gaming at a live gaming table so special is the possibility of communication.

The dealer can talk to the players and see what the players have to report via the chat. In addition to the option of entering into a dialogue with the dealer, the chat also offers the possibility of coming into contact with other players. The username is visible and the text that is written. Apart from the fact that the username is visible, it will not be possible to see who the other players are at the table. If the game table is fully occupied, you have to wait for a free spot.

Game progress

If there is space at the game table of live common draw blackjack, you can seat yourself and bet money. There is played with chips and at the bottom of the game table the chips with increasing value in a row. On the basis of the bet you want to place, select the chips.

The cards are dealt, so players playing with the same cards are not dealt separately each other cards. Then the game flow is the same as with other blackjack . Each player can first determine whether a card is being taken or whether the combination of cards is appropriate. When the dealer has finished all the players, the dealer’s cards are completely opened and it can already be clear whether there is a winner or if there are any cards taken by the dealer.

It is possible for everyone to play live common draw blackjack in Loyal Casino because the rules are of course very simple and you just need to know the value of the cards just like the goal of the game. By the way, it is only possible to view free if you have an account. If you do not have one, then it is a question of registering to have an account in order to watch or play for money.