Live roulette HD

Live roulette HD in Loyal Casino ensures every player the best picture quality that can be expected. In the live environment of the casino, a sharp HD quality is offered up to 3Mbit / s. With this live version of the roulette game you as a player have the option to make the choice to play the game with or without a croupier. In addition there is more to choose, because there is also a possibility offered to play French roulette or to choose the la partage version of roulette. The advantage with all these variants is that there is always the best image quality. That naturally benefits the gaming experience in the live casino.

live roulette

French roulette with la partage rules

For example, if you choose to play live roulette HD and then at the table where French roulette with the la partage rules is played, then the rules are slightly different from the regular roulette game. In case of betting on the playing field that offers fifty percent chance of winning, for example on red or black, in case of loss only half of the bet will be lost at the moment the ball reaches zero.

At roulette live HD speaks the dealer in English and if you prefer a English-speaking dealer , you can choose to play Loyal Roulette through the lobby in the live casino. With the aforementioned version, a minimum bet of 2 euros and a maximum bet of 50,000 euros applies. The table limits can also differ per game table, so that this can be taken into account.

One of the options offered at the table is chatting with the dealer. The croupier can follow what players write and can react to this via oral communication. Incidentally, players can also come into contact with each other via chat.

Game progress

The game progress with live roulette HD does not differ from that of the other versions. The image that can be seen, however, differs per version, because at one table there is only a view of the table, the roulette wheel and the croupier and at another gaming table, other gaming tables can also be seen in the background. The experience in a real casino to be present, however, is fully present.

The croupier informs when bets can be placed and that is also shown in the image on the left side of the screen. There is also an overview with information about the statistics for the last five hundred rounds. The chips are below the playing field and offer the possibility to choose from different values, for example from 1 euro to 1,000 euro. When the bet is closed and the ball rolls, waiting for the outcome and winnings are of course automatically attributed to the balance of the player. Everyone can experience how it is to play live roulette HD in Loyal Casino by registering as a player. Watching in the live casino can also be free.