Live roulette

When playing live roulette in Loyal Casino, a choice can be made from different gaming tables. In order to be able to gamble live, it is necessary that you are logged in as a player, otherwise there will be no access to the live casino and no game table can be selected. In Loyal Casino, at least the choice can be made to play roulette live at a game table with different betting limits. Incidentally, it is also possible to visit the live casino mobile, where the choice is made between roulette live, VIP roulette, Loyal Roulette and numerous other versions.

Sign in to access live casino

To be able to play live roulette at Loyal Casino, it is not only necessary to be logged in, but of course sufficient money has to be available to place a bet. The minimum bet is 1 euro and depending on the choice of the table, the amount of the maximum bet per table can vary, for example between 1 euro and 25,000 euro. When you open one of the gaming tables in the live casino to play roulette you get a direct view of the roulette wheel with the dealer behind it.

Not only is the roulette wheel with the dealer in the picture, but other gaming tables with dealers are visible in the background and that, just like in a real casino, is accompanied by some buzz. The dealer talks to the players who have virtually joined the table and you will also be welcomed by the chat. Through the chat you see the name of the dealer and you can also follow the course of players at the table. This way you see whether players are recovering and players are leaving again.

Game progress

If you are used to playing roulette, playing live roulette in Loyal Casino will not seem strange to you. The gameplay starts with the insertion of chips on the playing field and it is always clearly stated whether it is possible to bet and when that moment is over. The available chips with different values are listed below the playing field. If there is no more use, then the ball is brought into the roulette wheel by the dealer to continue rolling until the ball stops at a number. That number is the winning number. Depending on which bet you have placed, you may have won or not.

On the left side of the screen, at roulette, you can see an overview of the numbers that have fallen last. Above that board is also visible what time there is left to place a bet and when that is no longer possible. In the latter case this is recognizable by ‘bets closed’. The gaming experience is special and especially when you play live roulette for the first time in Loyal Casino you notice the difference with playing standard online roulette . It is certainly advisable for all lovers of roulette to visit the live casino.

Live roulette around the world

Live roulette can be played via Loyal Casino around the world. Via the casino in Malta, there was long talk of remote gambling abroad. With World Roulette there is now an expansion of many countries. How special is it not to play roulette in Georgia. Just at home from your lazy chair visit your Loyal Casino and you are suddenly connected to a casino in Georgia. Or how about visiting Foxwoods Casino and then return to Malta to play Blaze Roulette.

You have the possibility to visit your favorite location via the lobby. In Georgia there are already several options available. Here you have the choice to play live roulette Turbo or Casino Flour Roulette. In Italy there is also a play table ready for you with Duo Roulette. Or do you visit Sain Vincent Original? Or do you prefer to play in Denmark? Even that is possible. If you visit Loyal Casino it is really nice to try out this casino game in one of the countries. There is also the necessary variety available with a number of Auto Roulette games. For example Auto Classic, Auto VIP and Auto Speed. Or just take a look at what it’s like to play roulette live via the Authentic Lobby.

Choose from many bet options

Live roulette is still one of the most popular games when it comes to the classics in the casino. This has to do with the versatile game options that the game has to offer when it comes to betting. Moreover, it is an attractive game for a broad target group. For example, there is more or less risk of gambling. A bet with a high chance of winning, for example, is placing a bet on red or on black. Or guess that the ball falls on an even or odd number. A bet with a lot of risk and less chance of winning is the bet on a number. If you win, however, you will immediately have to take a hit. The wide choice of betting options combines with the variation in the amount of the bet.

You may gamble for a low amount at the gaming tables for live roulette. Or you bet a bit more. If you want to gamble for a lot of money, you can of course visit the VIP table. The betting limits that are minimal and maximum are just that bit higher. It is therefore a popular game at Loyal Casino for all these reasons. That does not detract from the fact that everything is done to keep it fun and varied for players. You can see that again with the introduction of the options that World Roulette brings with it. It is never boring to play a game of roulette live in Loyal Casino. Have you never done that? Then it is now time to do so.