Loyal Casino bonus

Loyal Casino bonuses are always a party for the players in this online casino. A first acquaintance with this is reserved for everyone who opens an account. That is already a nice introduction to the party with promotions. Instead of bringing a gift, you get a gift from this online casino. It is a thank you for your registration and for the fact that you are planning to come and gamble. The welcome bonus is already extensive and that immediately creates expectations for the other Loyal Casino bonuses. The real party only starts when you are inside. So there is a pleasant surprise during every visit. The nature and form of surprise bonuses, incidentally, varies. This also keeps it a bit exciting.


First the Loyal Casino welcome bonus

If you start with online gambling, you will be entitled to two Loyal Casino bonuses after registration. Firstly, after receiving a deposit, you will receive a generous welcome bonus in the form of bonus money. You automatically receive 100% extra bonus money from the amount you deposit and the bonus money runs up to 100 euros. That is indeed the maximum amount that you receive in bonus money. The extra free money is also ready to be used immediately. You do not have to wait, but you have immediate access to the overview with your cash balance and bonus balance. If you receive the bonus you will receive something. That is not nothing, because you are entitled to 250 free spins.

For this purpose a special slot machine has been selected and that is Coins of Egypt. These free spins can be activated by you and that is automatic when you open the game. Do you think you are smart and do you pay the free money immediately? Then you get zero on demand. You must first unlock bonus money and winnings from free spins. For the welcome bonus, the same standards of fifteen times the bonus money apply and fifteen times the free spins profit. There are still a number of rules that you need to know in this context. Are you actually freeing the bonus? In that case, you may only bet € 6 per turn for the free-play. Do you put in 10 euros? That is allowed, but this bet does not count towards unlocking bonus money or profit from free spins.

No deposit and deposit Loyal Casino bonuses

There is a difference in the range of Loyal Casino bonuses when you watch bonus money and free spins. Getting bonus money is almost always the requirement that you first deposit your own money. So you have to take action to get something and that action costs money. Or at least money that is yours, but on the account of the casino. This is a so-called deposit casino bonus. In addition there is no deposit bonus that does not require a deposit, but often has a different condition. For example, that you have transferred money in the short time before. A no deposit bonus almost always consists of free spins and these can be converted into bonus money .

Take advantage of Loyal Casino bonus every month