Lucky 8-line slot machine

The Lucky 8-line slot machine is very similar to the well-known physical slot machines , but is available in Loyal Casino in the form of a classic slot. The agreement with a physical slot machine as previously used in many cafes is recognizable by the design of a real slot machine, but of course also the symbols. It is all fruit what the clock is on a number of symbols, such as the bar symbol. There are various buttons available for example to make the choice to play on a single line or on multiple paylines. You can also use the bet max button and there is a button clear bets to make a new choice.


Payout table

In contrast to many other classics, the Lucky 8-line slot machine holds that the prize table is not directly visible next to the reels. In order to see the price table, you will have to press the appropriate button. There is then a normal paytable to see and an overview with paytable specials.

The regular price table lists the symbols and their value if they occur in a certain combination on an active payline. A single cherry already makes a profit, but most of the profit is obtained with a combination of three sevens. The special payout table shows that there is much more money to be gained, for example if the field is filled with nine sevens.

Game information

One of the advantages of Lucky 8-line is that the reels spin at lightning speed, so that the game runs fast. The payout percentage is 96.8 percent and a total of three reels and three rows are available. As mentioned, a single payline can be played or multiple paylines can be activated. In the latter case, the locations of the paylines are visible outside the roles.

A special feature is that the player can also choose to play with two paylines or three paylines, for example. Every time you click on single line, an extra payline will be activated. This can also be seen in the picture. In total there are 64 active paylines, which can be played and that is a large number if a comparison is made with other classic slots.

The nice thing about this slot machine is that there are no special features present, such as a bonus game, jokers or mystery wins. In that respect it is a very simple slot machine that can rightly be called a classic. When choosing between the coin values the choice is limited to playing with 0.10 euro or with 0.20 euro, but being able to play between 1 and 64 paylines makes the lack of features completely good.

Playing at the Lucky 8-line slot machine can be done for money, but it’s also nice to discover the game for free if you have not gambled on it before. There are a number of aspects that make it very attractive, such as the high chance of winning and the speed of the game.