Patience is a well-known card game and can be played online at the Loyal Casino. In popular speech this game is also called solitaire. The special thing about this game is that it can be played at home individually with a pack of cards and that is also applicable in the online casino. The goal of online patience is to make four sorted stacks of all cards, with the cards having to be placed in order with the ace at the top.

Single game cards

Patience is played in the Loyal Casino with a single pack of cards. There are a total of 52 cards in it and the game can be considered played out if all 52 cards on the four stacks have been placed in order. You can determine the stake for each game yourself. For example, if you decide to play with a bet of 5.20 euros, you can earn € 0.50 per card on one of the stacks. The maximum bet per game of solitaire is 260 euros and in that case earns 25 euros per played card. Of course, the risk is that not all available cards can be used. It is therefore just as possible that you win or lose in solitaire.

In the Loyal Casino, a user-friendly interface is offered at casino patience. You can play the fun card game in a familiar way in your own environment. If you do not know the game yet or it has been too long since you played it, take a look at the information you can view by using the ‘help’ function in the game.

In the English Casino, there are special patience tournaments held several times a year, where the player who knows how to play the most games becomes a tournament winner. There are always nice prizes and you also play solitaire in a kind of game, where you take on other players. The tournaments are always announced in advance so that you are informed in time to be able to participate.

Casino Patience

Casino Patience in Loyal Casino is a virtual version of the card game, see game rules patience. Instead of having the cards in front of you on the table, you see them on the screen. Just like a game of cards on the table, you determine the pace of the game. There is no time limit, so that you have all the attention for the game. It is of course a game where you have to make the right choices. In addition, it is nice if the luck factor is also on your side. Finally, Casino Patience remains a game of chance. The game is easy to find in Loyal Casino. You have the option to select this game via the table game offer. Look here for the rules of patience.


Do you want it even faster then there is an option to enter the name of the game in the search function. In the online casino this card game is available from casino software provider Leander. Before you start playing, you always choose which bet you want to do. Various bets are possible from high to low. In addition, a higher stake also leads to a potentially higher profit. You must of course win by putting away cards. The minimum bet is 5.5 euros and the maximum bet per game is 275 euros. The payout percentage for this game is set at 91.63%.

Have you selected a bet? Then you press the green head ‘deal’. This button is also functional during the game. If you press it while you play, you will receive a card from the draw pile. You can choose the set of playing cards yourself. For this you use the gray button to the left with ‘Card deck’. Have you made a move that does not turn out smart? Then you will have the opportunity to undo this move. The ‘Undo’ button is available for this. If you see an ace on the stack, you start by placing it at the top right.

Play free solitaire

Would you like to play Casino Patience at Loyal Casino? If you are not yet registered then you have the option to play the game in a demo version. Then you immediately gain some experience with online solitaire. If you are already familiar with the game, it immediately shows itself. Is it the first time that you will play this solitaire card game? Then perhaps it takes some getting used to. The card game contains extensive information about the bets and associated profit to be gained.

You also see what the exact rules are. If you are playing for the first card, it is advisable to view the game information. Then you’ll be well-made. Or you just go to work and learn in practice how it goes. With free play there is nothing at stake and you have nothing to lose or win. Are you ready to play Casino Patience for money? Then you can arrange an account to sign up and make a deposit.