In the Loyal Casino you can go to play online poker. Various variants of the poker game are offered. You can choose to play caribbean stud poker or video poker. Of course it is also possible to alternate between the two variants that are derived from the basic poker game. The rules are simple and you always play caribbean stud poker in the online casino against the bank. With video poker there is a game on a slot machine.

Caribbean stud poker

There are of course differences between the game experience when playing caribbean stud poker and video poker and also the features are different. You can play along with caribbean stud poker to win the progressive jackpot. It is then necessary to choose the jackpot bet and if you do that, you can win a large amount. The jackpot regularly rises to more than 100,000 euros.

You win the jackpot at the moment the card combination falls that gives you the right to the jackpot. You can always find the current state of the amount when you have opened the game. In the winner section you can check when the last jackpot has been paid and with what amount. In the past there have already been several players in the Loyal Casino who won the jackpot and could thereby see an amount of more than 200,000 euros. The exact rules for caribbean stud poker can be found in the game itself.

Video poker

The basis of video poker is the same, but the performance of the game is slightly different from the other aforementioned poker variant. When playing video poker, two rounds are played. In the first round, the cards can be held, so that the chance of winning is higher. Moreover, video poker offers an additional game element in the form of a gambling ladder in the Loyal Casino . If there is a price on the slot machine screen, you will have the opportunity to play the prize up on the gambling ladder.

You can come all the way to the top and the interesting thing is that you can win the prize that is related to the jackpot stand. You win the jackpot in this game with a royal flush. The probability that you play a straight flush on the gambling ladder up to a royal flush is 21 percent. The jackpot can exceed 100,000 euros and is paid regularly. More information about the game is provided in the lobby of the Loyal Casino.

Play live poker

In Loyal Casino you have the choice to play live poker in the live casino. There are a number of gaming tables available where this game of skill is available. At this moment there is a choice between three different poker variants at the gaming tables in the live casino. Caribbean Stud is an example of this. You also have the option to play Live Casino Hold’em or to join Three Card Poker. You play at Live Casino Hold’em not against other players, but against the dealer. That is of course just a difference compared to a poker tournament for example.

There is a single game with cards containing 52 cards. The jokers are not part of the suit with cards. Another aspect is that there are two dealers at the gaming table. Both dealers each have a different task. One dealer is responsible for sharing the cards. The other dealer is responsible for shuffling the cards. This poker game is a derivative of Texas Hold’em, but the goal is the same. That is the best range on the gaming table to get and that is of course a Royal Flash. In addition to this variant, it is also fun to play live poker at the Three Card Poker game table.

Three Card Poker in live casino

Three Card Poker at the Loyal Casino comes from Evolution Gaming. Also with this card game you do not play against other players, but against the casino. The pace of the game is fine to keep up. The game starts with placing an ante. At Three Card Poker you also have the option to place a bonus bet. This bet is optional and even has two options. There is an option to choose the Pair Plus Bet as a bonus bet and there is an option to place the 6 Card Bonus Bet. Do you like to take extra risks with live poker to win more? Then you just activate both the bonus bets. You get a total of three tickets just like the live dealer.

The dealer’s cards are closed. You view your own cards and estimate whether you have a good chance of winning. The game goal is simple. You must have a higher card than the live dealer to win. Are you going through? Then you place a bet that is the same as the previously placed ante. Then the dealer shows his own cards and it is clear who won. Evolution Gaming has developed a handy scheme. From this you can see what you win. With a bonus bet is that there is extra money to win. Detailed information about this can be found in the explanation of the game. In Loyal Casino you have at least the choice of multiple gaming tables for live poker. You might have to play all variants to discover which form of live poker you like the most. Or first look at the poker tables without any obligation. Then it is also quite clear what you prefer.