Register Loyal Casino

Registering with Loyal Casino or registering as a new player is very easy. Not only that, it is also a harbinger for an introduction to a first promotion. Registration takes place by entering your personal details first with your name and surname. You must also specify the date of birth and your home address, postcode and place. It is also not unimportant to mention in which country you live. These are the basic information for registering or registering at Loyal Casino. To log in as a visitor, you use a username with a password. You think that yourself. In addition, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Did you get it? Then you click on it and you are a registered player of this online casino. Congratulations and that you can spend a lot of money on many visits. In any case, you immediately get money with a deposit.

Only for players aged 18 and older

To gamble online at Loyal Casino you must be 18 years or older. So it does not make sense to register if you are under the age of 18. You have to fill in your date of birth so that your age can be checked. That you can only gamble in Loyal Casino if you are 18 years old, has to do with the legislation. Under English law it is arranged that minors are not allowed to participate in games of chance. In the online casino only games of chance can be found and you can not play on them.

Conditions and privacy

With your registration in Loyal Casino you agree to agree to the terms and conditions. Now not many people take the trouble to go through this. That makes sense, because it is quite a piece of text. In any case, you have the opportunity to read the conditions. For example if you want to know more about a certain subject. How, for example, does Loyal Casino deal with payments. Or what exactly is the bonus policy. This information can be found in the general conditions of the online casino.

There is also a specific section with bonus conditions available. That is also useful to know, because as a newcomer you immediately get a bonus. In addition to the conditions, there is a privacy statement. Loyal Casino deals with your data in a safe and reliable way. For example, they are not sold to other parties. The general conditions also state which licenses are there. For example from the regulator in Malta.

First deposit is worth money

A first deposit is worth money in Loyal Casino after your registration. How much money? Up to 100 euros, but then you have to transfer 100 euros. If you make less of it then it is also good,