Slot Super Nudge 6000

The slot machine Super Nudge 6000 is a classic version of the online slots that can be played at Loyal Casino. The design is authentic and comparable to slot machines that used to be available in pubs and where many people have thrown in money. Throwing in money is not possible with this version, but of course it is possible to play for money on this super cute slot machine. With regard to the deployment, even different choices can be made in this respect. The game offers more surprises than you might think at first glance

Basic game

There is a basic game that can be played with a separate set with three reels and three rows. The supermeter game is played on the top set with three reels and three rows and can deliver extra high wins. The familiar fruits can be seen on the reels in both games along with a number of other symbols. The prize table is directly visible to the player, so that it can also be seen which combination of fruit symbols or other symbols yields the most profit.

Depending on the bet and the game being played, one payline is active or five paylines are active. Playing with more paylines automatically means that the chance of winning combinations of symbols also increases. This does not mean that the profit in the basic game can not be big, because six thousand credits can be won if three dollar signs appear on five active paylines. The value of the symbols therefore varies and the profit will depend on the type of symbols. In the basic game the player can make the choice to play with 1 credit per time with one payline or with 10 credits per time with five paylines.

Game features supermeter

The game of the supermeter of slot machine Super Nudge 6000 has more features, such as the possibility to win a mystery prize. That is the case when a crown appears in a winning combination. The mystery price varies in height and it is always a surprise how many credits are won.

Then there is a special game feature in the supermeter mode and that is the nudge. A nudge means that if the roles have come to a standstill, a role can still make a shift, giving the chance that suddenly there will be a winning combination that was not there before. There can be played with a different number of nudges, where the choice for the bet plays a role.

Namely, 1 nudge is used when a bet of 20 credits is played in the supermeter and there are 2 nudges available at the moment that gambling with 40 credits. If, however, a bet is made with 60 credits, a total of 3 nudges will be available. At the same time, this is also the maximum number of nudges available when playing in the top game of the Super Nudge 6000 slot machine.